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Murcu Light is a full-service LED lighting company that offers you the best supplies and services. Here, you will find everything you need to upgrade your commercial or industrial lighting to a more cost-effective and modernized look.


At Murcu, we manufacture a wide range of superior-quality, durable, robust, stylish, and energy efficient LED products for all commercial and industrial facilities.

Suits Your Needs

All our high-quality LED products and services have been tailored to meet your industrial lighting needs and requirements. Murcu Light has everything you’re looking for.


We also offer replacement and retrofitting services. Murcu Light helps you to switch to a brighter and more pocket-friendly industrial lighting option for your warehouses.

Super Affordable

The best part is that you don’t have to drain all your finances into commercial lighting anymore! Murcu LED Lights are very affordable. Get your FREE quote now!


Murcu Light has been in the LED Lighting Industry for quite some time now. Our working and service delivery experience remains peerless and of the highest quality.

Upgrade Facility

Would you like to upgrade your industrial or commercial lighting? If so, we have everything you need – the best and latest LED Light products, sharp skills, workforce & time.


All our high-quality LED products and services have been tailored to meet your industrial lighting needs and requirements. Murcu Light has everything you're looking for.

Save You Money

Our quality LED Lighting products are specially designed to last longer while using less power hence saving you up to 70% in energy consumption and maintenance costs.


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Check out our extensive collection of LED products here. This list features the best industrial LED lighting merchandises and even latest releases to the market

Our Core Values

At Murcu Lighting, we are committed to serving you in the best way possible. And that’s why all our products, services, work activities and staff members are guided by our core values.

Our Warehouse Owners Say

Warehouse Owner

“Murcu Light helped us to reduce the energy consumption in our warehouse and improve the quality of lighting. We have saved a lot of money on the power bills and our employees are loving the new LED lights”


“For a long time, we relied on metal halides which consumed a lot of power and needed replacing constantly. However, Murcu helped us to upgrade our warehouse to LED lighting. Our new LED lights are now long-lasting and are helping us to save a lot of money.”


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To guarantee the best service, we work with various leading companies and organizations in the LED lighting industry

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Tired of spending more on your standard dim lighting? If so, then it’s time to UPGRADE your industrial space’s lighting to LED. Murcu has the best industrial and commercial LED lighting quotes just for you. .

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