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Cliff, LED wall pack

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Power factor>0.95, surge protection, most reliable quality


LM80 Approved, long lifespan, high luminous efficiency

Die-casting Aluminum Housing

One die-casting moulding, super in heat releasing

Multi Lighting Distribution

90° x 120° PC Lens

Long-term Service

5 years warranty

Cliff, LED Wall Pack Description

When talking about a proper lighting to illuminate and decorate for your building wall, what priorities will you bring up? A Stylish design? A ultra brightness? A super lifetime? And more? Here in Murcu you’ll find an extraordinary luminary that can consolidate all your possible needs in one lighting, that’s our Cliff wall pack light. Up to 140lm/w, our Cliff can deliver a max 14000lm to bring your wall a urtra bright illumination. A default fitment of daylight sensor installed to Cliff can bring you an unimaginable energy saving, when you use Murcu’s wallpack it hels you save more than 80% electricity cost than traditional lightings. An asymmetric design of light distribution can take care every area of building wall. And a patent tadpoles hole design for installation will make every installer happy and efficient, it easy as to directly mount wallpack light on screws! Can’t wait to experience our Cliff Wall Pack Light? Why not get a FREE quote to Murcu now?







40 W

60 W

80 W

100 W


5,600 lm

8,400 lm

11,200 lm

14,000 lm


140 lm/W

Beam Angle

90° x 120°


4000 K / 5000 K / 5700 K


Ra>70 / >80

Power Factor


Input Voltage

AC 100-277 V / 347 V / 480 V

IP Rating



Die Casting Aluminum

Working Environment


Housing Color

Black / Gray



Standards Compliance


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LED Wallpack Lights: The Complete Guide 2020

Let’s face it:

Any home or business owner can agree to the fact that exterior lighting is just as important as interior lighting.

And I know, the first question that pops into mind is:


Well, it’s quite simple.

Proper outdoor lighting is critical because of several reasons including:

  • Security– Obviously, you want your exterior lights to be bright enough to ward off any unwanted guests and intruders.
  • Aesthetics – Whenever the sun sets the world around us turns dark, it’s the exterior lights that bring back some life into our outdoors. Basically, what this means is that you need lighting fixtures that not only light up your exterior but also showcase your home’s beauty, serenity, and elegance – all night long.
  • Safety – Yes, outdoor lighting is not just about security and beauty; it is also about keeping you and your loved ones safe from harm by making sure all pathways are visible and that you can comfortably reach your house with tripping or stumbling onto something.

You get the point, right?

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of keeping our homes habitable and looking great.

So, where do Wallpacks fit in all this?

That’s what you are here to find out. In this post, we’ll look at every reason why you need to start using LED Wallpack lights for your exterior among other things including:

  • The best types of wall lighting available.
  • How to tell these types of fixtures apart.
  • The benefits of using these lights.
  • Which features make these lights the best?
  • As well as how they compare to other types of light sources among other things.

Sounds fun, right?

If so, sit back, relax, and enjoy your reading.

Here’s everything you need to know about LED Wallpack luminaries:

Table of content, enjoy it...

If so, let’s get down to it…

What Is A Wall Pack Light?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, we must first learn what a Wallpack light is.

So? What is it?

Well, much like other forms of security lighting, Wallpacks are used to illuminate the perimeter and exteriors of commercial and residential spaces.

You’ve probably seen them a couple of times – that is if you don’t have them installed already.

In most cases:

You’ll find these lights installed on the sides of walkways, parking garages, and wall of tall buildings among other commercial spaces.


One of the most frequently asked questions about these fixtures is always; what makes them so special?

Best answer?

A lot of things.

For example:

  • Being LED fixtures, you can always count on them being energy efficient. That means that most – if not all – of the energy spent is converted into lighting instead of being wasted in the form of heat.
  • Also, these lights often produce a lot of lumens, hence, are the best choice for anyone looking for a light bright enough to scare away trouble makers.
  • Affordabilityis also another factor that makes these lights your ultimate outdoor lighting solution. And I know what you are thinking; “LEDs are expensive,” right? Well, yes, but the long term savings you make often compensate their purchasing costs by a very large margin.


We’ll discuss the benefits of LED Wall Pack Lighting a little later in this post.

For now, let’s focus our attention on a few pressing questions that people often have about these fixtures.

For example…

What Type Of LED Wall Lights Are Available Now?


LED Wall Packs are not the only fixtures being used for exterior lighting; there are other forms as well.

For example, aside from LED Wall lights, there are:

  • Metal Halide Wall Packs– These fixtures look almost exactly the same as the LED versions. The only difference between them is the light source. Now, despite Metal Halides being in the market – and in use – for decades, nowadays, more and more people are switching to LEDs due to the former’s inefficiencies and performance flaws.
  • Fluorescent Tube Lights – Another iconic exterior wall light has been the fluorescent tube. It’s an awesome light source; but obviously, not as good as LEDs. The main issue with fluorescents is that they are unreliable, they flicker a lot, and they contain poisonous chemicals that can cause great damage if inhaled by humans.
  • HID Wall Packs – Just like Metal Halides, these fixtures were considered the best during their time but eventually got phased out by LED lights due to their inefficiencies and great inconvenience. One of them being the fact that they take minutes to fully light up or turn OFF, hence, not ideal in emergencies.

Enough of that:

The question was; what type of LED Wall lights are available now?

And to answer that, here are a few good examples:

  • LED Flood Lights– For example, the EcoSlim is a great exterior wall light fixture. The major difference between flood lights and Wallpacks is that the former is designed for heavy-duty work i.e. illuminating large areas. And that’s why you’ll find LED floodlights placed on very tall buildings and indoor arenas just to mention a few.
  • LED Spotlights – This is yet another common outdoor LED wall light. Spot lights are often used for decorative purposes. In most cases, they are used to focus intense and directional beams of light to a specific part of the house with the aim of amplifying its visibility and bringing out a part of the building’s aesthetics.
  • LED Shoebox Fixtures– This is also another great outdoor lighting fixture. It is often used for parking and street lighting. However, with the right mounting design, these fixtures can also be used as LED wall-lights.


You know a thing or two about wall luminaires.

What next?

Well, let’s learn more juicy details about Wallpacks and how you can find yourself the best one for your needs.

How Many Types Of LED Wall Packs Can Be Found, And Which Is The Best One?

Fun fact:

One of the many benefits of using these lights is that there are many types of LED wall packs available.

That means that you can easily find the one that’s best suited to your needs.

So, which one is it?

Well, here are the main types of LED Wallpacks today:

1. Standard/Traditional/Classic Design LED Wallpacks


You’ve probably seen these quite a lot.

And that’s because they’ve been modeled like traditional HID fixtures common in the past.

Basically, they look just the same; the only major difference is in the light source.


The reasons why LED Traditional Wallpacks are gaining popularity include:

  • The fact that LEDs last between 50,000 to 100,000 working hours. That’s longer than any other type of lighting technology.
  • Moreover, LEDs are very energy efficient and can cut your annual utility (lighting) bill by up to 80%; also a perk that’s unique to these fixtures.
  • And the best part is that the fixture’s durability and low energy consumption result in greatly reduced operational costs and a cheaper outdoor lighting solution.

Is this the one for you?

Maybe. But, wait; there’s more…

2. LED Cut Off Wall Packs

Get this:

Cut Off Wallpacks are often the most recommended.

And that’s mainly because of two things:

  1. They are very efficient and only direct light to intended areas/parts.
  2. They have very little or no light pollution at all. That means that you can light up any part of your space without the inconvenience of lighting up an unwanted region. And that makes them great for aesthetics too.

That’s why:

You’ll find Cut-Off Wall Packs in a lot of public spaces, schools, commercial buildings, hospitals, and sometimes residential areas.

Not forgetting that these fixtures offer the same perks – in terms of durability, efficiency, and cost – as the Standard LED Wallpack.

And that’s not all…

3. LED Slim Wallpacks

Simply put:

A Slim Wall Pack is very similar to a Cut-Off fixture – no light pollution or light wastage; the only major difference between the two is flexibility.

What do we mean by that?

Well, flexibility means that the fixture can be adjusted and tilted to direct light to your preferred direction.


That’s exactly what you get from LED Slim Wallpacks – adjustability and flexibility.

They are often ideal for limited space installations and for environments that experience occasional changes in light direction needs.


With a Slim Wallpack, you have more control and convenience over where the light is directed.

Pretty cool, right?

4. LED Dusk-to-Dawn Wallpacks


We have the Dusk-to-Dawn LED Wall Pack lights – or sometimes referred to as LED Tall Packs.

From the name itself, it’s quite easy to tell what makes these fixtures special.

Which is?

These fixtures are automated and only turn ON when it gets dark (at dusk) and turn OFF as soon as there is light again (at dawn).

So, what makes this a vital advantage?

Well, for one, it means that you don’t need to be there to switch the light ON/OFF; this feature comes in handy when you travel and are away from your home.


A well-lit home can deter intruders by giving them the impression that there’s someone home even when there’s no one actually there.


The fact that these fixtures are automated means that they are more energy-efficient; since they only turn ON when there is not light at all.

They can greatly cut down your monthly utility bills.


These are just four of the most common out of many types of wall packs available today.

Experts often recommend the Cut-Off Wallpack due to its low light pollution design and the Dusk-to-Dawn Wall Pack because of its cost-effectiveness and overall convenience.


With all that in mind, people have also been asking this question…

What Is The Difference Between A Full Cut-Off And Fully Shielded LED Wall Pack?


A lot of people often confuse these two.


They both serve the same purpose – to limit uplight leaks and pollution. The only difference between a cut-off and a shielded Wallpack is in the design.


LED Cut-Off Wallpacks are designed in a way that the light produced by them is directed towards a particular area without any up light or unwanted light pollution.

Here, the light intensity is often higher but is limited to an 80 to 90-degree angle by the fixture’s design.

On the other hand:

A shielded fixture can be a Semi-Cutoff that looks like a normal Wallpack but doesn’t have any uplight.

Generally, this is achieved by lowering the fixture’s light intensity outside of the 80 to 90-degree angle.

This means that there will be some uplight in the form of glow and possibly glare, but in very small amounts; the shielding will help to keep both of them low.  

Anyway, that’s the difference between these two lighting techniques.

Up next:

Let’s look at how LED Wall Packs compare to other lighting fixtures…

Comparing LED Wallpack Lighting Fixtures to Other Available Options

We can all agree on this:

It’s easier to paint a clearer picture of the Wallpack when we compare it to other possible options, right?

If so, we are on the same page.


How do LED Wall Pack lights compare to other traditional – as well as modern – fixtures?

Read on to find out…

Industrial LED Wall Pack Lighting vs. High-Pressure Sodium Wall Packs

I know what you are thinking:

Why are we comparing a modern light fixture to something meant for the ice-age?

Well, despite their many shortcomings, High-Pressure Sodium Wallpacks have been in use for decades.

In fact:

It wasn’t until LEDs came into the picture that people started seeing HPS lamps as inefficient and unsustainable.

Also, there are still those who haven’t yet gotten the chance to switch their HPS lights for newer and better LED versions.

And so, the fact that it is still in use in warehouses, industrial spaces, recreational areas, and businesses makes it an important part to cover when doing comparisons for LEDs.

So, how do they compare?

In short, LED Wallpacks are better than HPS versions in almost all aspects. 

The only beneficial aspect of using HPS is that they are cheaper to buy and more energy-efficient than other forms of traditional lighting.


Disadvantages like poor color rendering and uncomfortably long warm-up periods make HPS fixtures even less attractive; you won’t find these issues with LEDs.

LED Wall Pack Lights vs. Dusk to Dawn Security Lights


There isn’t much to compare here seeing as LEDs are based on a lot of automated technologies including:

  • Motion Sensing.
  • And dusk-to-dawn switching.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that there are LEDs that offer dusk-to-dawn security lighting.

And that’s a cool thing, right?

Mainly, because you get to enjoy better and more affordable lighting while still benefiting from the convenience and ease of automated switching.

Fun fact:

The Dusk-to-Dawn feature is made possible by the use of Photocells that tend to measure outdoor light intensity.

Hence, these photocells trigger a switch whenever the scale is closer to the furthest end on any side – high or low i.e. the sensor will turn the light ON when it’s dark (during periods of low light intensity) and OFF when there is illumination (periods of high-light intensity).

You get it, don’t you?

And lastly, let’s look at…

LED Wall Pack vs. Metal Halide Wall Packs


Aside from HPS lamps, metal halides are also very common when it comes to outdoor lighting.

These fixtures often generate light by passing a current through a mixture of a metal halide gas and mercury.


Metal halides are yet another cheaper lighting option compared to LEDs; but that’s only in purchasing costs and not operational expenses.

Affordability, efficiency, color rendering, and availability are part of the reasons why we still use Metal Halide Lamps for wall lighting.

However, unlike the LEDs, these fixtures come with tons of problems including:

  • The fact that they take time to fully light up.
  • Are costly to maintain.
  • Have a shorter lifespan compared to LEDs.
  • Generate a lot of heat when used for long.
  • Lose light intensity and quality with time.
  • Cannot be used for emergency lighting.
  • Lastly, they aren’t easy to automate and even if it is possible, the general outcome will be marred by flaws and unavoidable inconveniences.

Looking at these comparisons, it’s clear to see why people are migrating to LED lighting nowadays.

With LEDs, you get to enjoy a ton of benefits as well as high-quality lighting that keeps your home, business, and frequently used areas safe, well-lit, and secure at all times.

It doesn’t get any better than that.


Time and time again, I’ve told you that LED lights are beneficial in many ways.

Therefore, you might be wondering; what are some of these benefits?

If so, this next part is for you…

What Are The Benefits I Can Get By Purchasing LED Wall Lights?

Truth be told:

The list of perks you enjoy from buying and using LED Wallpacks is endless; these fixtures are simply designed to take outdoor lighting to the next level.

However, for those curious enough, here are five of the biggest benefits you’ll get from an LED wall light:

1. High-Efficiency Lighting

Let’s face it:

What is a lighting fixture without efficiency?

Efficiency plays an important role in ensuring that you get enough light without necessarily spending a fortune on lighting expenses.


An energy-efficient light fixture is one that converts most – if not all – of the energy used into light and not heat.

And that’s exactly what you get with LED Wall Lights.

LEDs are up to 80% more efficient than other lighting technologies.


They don’t heat up much; that way you get to enjoy every penny you spend on lighting without any disappointments or complaints.

2. Impressive Durability

When it comes to durability, nothing comes close to what LEDs have to offer.

Imagine this:

An LED Wallpack can last for up to 100,000 hours.

Now, assuming that you use it for 10 hours a day, it means that you’ll comfortably use it for 10,000 days; which is equivalent to +27 good years of high-quality lighting.

Impressive, right?

3. Awesome Color Rendering

Being able to see all colors correctly under artificial lighting has never been easy.

But with LEDs that won’t be a problem.

That’s because these fixtures have an impressive color rendering index (CRI) of up to 95; and that is as close to natural light (100) as you can get.

4. High Luminous Efficacy


Due to their high efficiency, LEDs have very impressive luminous efficacies. In fact, a standard LED Wall Light can generate up to 140 lumens per watt.

That means that you get more light for less energy as compared to traditional lighting sources.

5. Cost-Effectiveness


You will love the cost-effectiveness of outdoor wall pack LEDs.

It’s true that they are expensive to buy, but once you have them installed your energy expenses will go down and you’ll be able to save up on this for a long time.

LEDs are the only fixtures that guarantee you a great ROI (Return on Investment).


That said, let’s wrap up this post by looking at some of the features you’ll find in LED Wall Lights…

What Are The Features Of LED Wall Lights?

It’s no secret:

That LEDs are truly versatile and come with a wide array of features and benefits all aimed at adding some flexibility, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and automation to our lighting systems.

Here are three of the best and biggest LED features you can get with your wall light:

1. Dimming Capabilities

This feature allows you to determine how intense the light should be.

Dimming offers you control and flexibility – things that you won’t get with other traditional lighting technologies.

With it, you can decide on how much brightness you need and settle for comfortable light intensities whenever you want to.

Awesome, right?

2. Dusk-to-Dawn/Photocell Sensors

This feature helps you to automate your lighting i.e. your wall packs go ON when it gets dark and OFF during daybreaks.

That not only offers you convenience – since you won’t have to switch the light on/off yourself – but also ensures that your home stays well lit even when you are away from home or not able to switch the lights ON yourself.

Does it get any better than that?

3. Motion Sensor LEDs

The third and most innovative feature on Wallpack LEDs is the motion sensor.

This cool function switches ON the light as soon as it notices someone or something nearby.

Pretty cool, right?

And that makes it beneficial in two main ways:

  • It will easily scare away intruders and ward off criminals.
  • It will save you a lot of money by reducing your lighting costs since the light only goes ON when the need arises/movement is detected and stays OFF the rest of the time.


And that’s a wrap.

This is just about everything you need to know about LED Wallpack Lights.


When shopping for these wall lights, always consider the following things:

  • Your size preferences.
  • The type of Wallpack best suited for your needs.
  • Level of light pollution.
  • Durability and IP rating.
  • Resistance to damage by corrosion, vandalism, and extreme weather among other things.

In doing so, you’ll be able to narrow down your list of potential purchases and simplify your decision-making process.


Was this post helpful? Well, I hope so. Feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments section below.

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